Farm Planet


An introduction to Farm Planet

What is Farm Planet?

Farm Planet is a 3D Metaverse play-to-earn game with two game modes, PvE and PvP. The PvE game mode prepares your farm for the PvP game mode which is where the P2P Play-To-Earn comes into play.
Farm Planet favours the players who spend the most time and effort on the PvE game mode, rather than having a Pay to win model with an inflationary economy like the majority of other games. Everyone starts at a level playing field.
Farm Planet has a fixed supply, and players are paid from their PvP activity, which is 1v1 and peer-to-peer.


The PvE game mode contains the majority of the gameplay, by buying a land NFT you gain access to the game. Players are able to trade in-game resources, upgrade buildings, upgrade characters, obtain special resources and more to come. By leveling up your buildings and characters you gain an advantage in the PvP game mode.


The PvP aspect of the game is how players can earn tokens, by entering a p2p system where you can use your levelled up farm to attack other farms and/or defend it from attacks.
The level of your buildings, characters, weapons, vehicles combined with a little bit of RNG decide the outcome of the fight. This makes it fair because it chooses the winner based on who makes the best decisions in the PvE mode (Choosing the right buildings, character upgrades, weapons)
Our goal is to provide a fun experience and create a community around it while allowing everyone to benefit financially.
We are passionate gamers and we have imagined Farm Planet as the Play to Earn we would have liked, we are sure you will enjoy it.