Farm Planet

Land NFTs: Game Access

Available NFTs


Drop rate

Common - 50% / Uncommon - 30% / Rare - 15% / Legendary - 5%


Lands per sale
First (SOLD OUT)
2500 lands
$70 in BNB
Second (SOLD OUT)
2500 lands
$100 in BNB
Third (SOLD OUT)
2500 lands
$150 in BNB
Fourth (LIVE)
2500 lands
$300 in BNB

Game Access

Owning a Land NFT will bring many passive rewards to the owners. Our land NFT also unlocks the Play-To-Earn ability of the Farm Planet game. By minting/buying any of our initial minted NFTs you will be granted access to the game for as long as you own it.

Passive Income: NFT Staking

By holding Land NFTs you will be able to receive passive income rewards from the volume on our NFT marketplace. It works by charging 10% on every NFT sale, Once a sale occurs it spreads out 5% to every owner of our NFTs at the time of purchase, 2% goes to the original minters and 3% goes to the team (Devs, Marketing).
This varies depending on the rarity of your NFT, Holding 4 Legendary NFTs translates to you receiving the biggest cut of every transaction.

How many lands are for sale?

Our first planet will include 10000 NFTs for sale, once we reach the limit we will unlock more areas with a higher price floor, to allow new players to join the game.
The sale will be split into 4 phases. Every phase contains 2500 NFTs for sale.
Disclaimer: NFTs can not be transferred/sold until the sale ends and the marketplace is open.

What are the available NFTs?

Common - 5000
Uncommon - 3000
Rare - 1500
Legendary - 500


What is durability? Every land has a level of durability that is susceptible to decay. The more durability you lose, the more you have to spend on repairs and maintenance. Your land will be disabled if you reach 0 durability, and the more it lessens from the maximum it has, the more resources you need to spend on maintenance/repairs.

How many lands can I own?

Every player can mint a maximum of 4 lands per wallet. However, you can use more wallets to buy more lands.

What comes with the pass?

The Land NFT pass includes an empty land where you can build the necessary buildings, it also comes with a bundle of each type of character (Farmer, Builder, Miner, Hunter, Fighter, Craftsman). That is 12 characters in total, 6 male/ 6 female. This is enough to sustain your land.
Example of empty land.
Example of built land: