Farm Planet

PvP system

"Activate PvP"

To participate in PVP you need to enable PvP, by turning on PvP you are vulnerable to attacks from other players, but you can also attack players who have it enabled.

Bid & Level bracket

To activate PvP you are required to send an amount of tokens to the Game rewards wallet, this is the amount of tokens you place in the Game's wallet, which you accept to lose in case of a fight, you are also placed in a level bracket. What this does is match you with people who are in the same Bid/Level bracket.

PvP System

Smart contracts are dividing prize pool tokens between winners.
The FarmPlanet PvP system is a combination of different APIs and SDKs (Web3 + Unity + Chainsafe SDK) It consists of smart contract on Binance Smart Chain which is responsible for paying the rewards. Below is an overview graph of how this works.
This system works along with the "Activate PvP" system, together creating a fair PvP system for all users.
Scenario: Player 1 & 2 Deposit 1000 tokens each into the game wallet, Player 1 (attacker) deals 75% damage dealt in a fight against player 2. Player 1 receives 1500 tokens (75% Damage) and Player 2 receives 500 tokens (25% Damage). The same is applicable if the Attacker would have dealt 25% damage, he would have received 25% of his tokens back and the defender would have received 75%.

How is the damage calculated?

The damage calculation is done using a fair equation which includes all the variables from the PvE world like, amount of soldiers, level of buildings, level of walls, defense, attack etc...

Why did we take this approach?

We chose this approach to avoid the minting/burning system that other games adopt, which is an eventual loss for all players. As tokens are constantly minted and the value is in constant decrease.
Our system favors players who spend more time in the PvE, skilled players who know what building to build and what upgrades to upgrade.